Monday, December 17, 2007


Sorry, these photos are not in chronological order.

Its about 1am, I am tired...

About to do my first braid and band washing.

Too much hair left to do.....

I was so tired and my butt hurted so bad that when I got home, I wanted to sleep standing up! But I have an amazing head of beautiful SISTERLOCKS!......... Finally! Those of you who know me personally, know that for about 8 years, I have been claiming that I will get sisterlocked the next year and the year after that... Well, I finally did it. I have a great consultant that I trust. (Blenna Williams of Salon Nature'lle, Memphis, TN) She was very professional and fast. So I had no worries once I got in her chair. After she washed my hair, I was so thrilled that 1. she was finished and 2. my hair was beautiful! It was love at first sight. I am so excited about my journey. I can't wait to take my 1 year anniversary pictures.

Sidebar: I also went to Goulds last weekend to get my eyebrows waxed. I so desperately needed it!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Last Battle

I love my curl pattern when wet.... after it dries, it's another story!

Tonight will be known in my history as the last battle! The last night that I had to take 3 hours on washing my hair, the last night for the baby tears to cover my eyes when others tried to comb my hair, the last night for me to sweep up all the bb's that ended up on the floor or on Marley, the last night to burn my edges or ear trying to hot comb that hair that grows to my eyebrows. The list can go on and on. After washing my hair, I looked in the mirror and was like, Oh my God, I am finally going to do it after 8 years of thinking about it. I began to reminisce about all the fights my mom and I got into when I was little about washing and combing my hair. It was an all Saturday affair and I hated it. I never really cared about the straight look anyway but she did. It doesn't make any since that all my brothers could swim and I wasn't allowed to put my head under the water. I just learned how to swim last year! I am just glad that I learned. I love the water! I have been a prisoner to my head for a long time. I started growing my perm out in 1999 and cut off the remaining perm while on a trip to Gambia. I never thought about a perm since. Anyway, I had to take a pic of me with my favorite comb and my beloved brush. I have only had the comb for about a year. I broke the handle off while combing my hair shortly after I bought it but the teeth have remained intact and the comb has been great. I am mostly sad about my beloved brush. My mom bought this brush from Sears in the late 70s for her. I'm a 79 baby so I was probably about 3 or 4 when she started to use it in my hair. I combed my cabbage patch doll. my kid sister doll and barbie dolls with this brush. I have been using it since forever. I remember that I snuck it in my bag when I left for college. It has been with me thru all of my crazy styles. It is a very good brush to last all these years. I don't know what kind of bristles that the brush is made out of but it was like a massage every time it touched my scalp. Ok let me stop it almost sounds like I 'm having a love affair with my brush!LOL Today was more emotional than I thought it would be. I have to meet Blenna at 7:00 am tomorrow. I need some sleep. I am so full of thoughts and excitement, I may not be able to sleep...

bEFORE Sisterlocks....

With Sisterlocks!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Locked Testies

Today I was combing my hair and I noticed that my "test" locks appeared to be locked. I know better from reading the LIU (LockItUp Yahoo Sisterlocks Group) that it takes longer to lock. I think my hair density is the same as Dewdrop's. It gives the appearance of lock hair. When I wear my hair in small two stands, people start asking me a month later if I have locks. I have had my test locks for over a month now. Blenna is a busy woman... and I had to finish paying for it! ;) Anywhoo, Renea told me that my beautiful test locks will have to come out for an accurate parting grid when I asked her if I could color them or do something special for the elite 10. I just hope Blenna can get them out! However, I may ask her if I can leave them in. It will only be 10 out of 350+! I am so excited only 11 days left and counting!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

To Color or Not to Color

...that was the question! I have asked several of you that burning question and all of you have given me great, sound advice but I have decided to keep it 100% natural. Maybe after a year or two, I will color my hair. I've been going 28 years without a color so far so waiting two more years wouldn't hurt. Special thanks to audreyspleasure and dewdrop! Only 16 days to go! I am getting a wee bit nervous but I know I'm in good hands. Blenna is GREAT!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Night Date

"Well, another Saturday night and I aint got nobody..." I love that song. I went on a date tonight with my hair. I spent about 3 hours on my hair tonight. I know I am going to nodd in church tomorrow. I am horrible at washing/doing my own hair. I have to divide my hair in six sections, then wash and rinse each section. After I complete a section, I bantu knot it up then proceed to wash the next section. Once all have been washed, I proceed to blow dry and flat iron the same way. Crazy huh? I have tried washing my hair all at once but it always end up to be one big HOT MESS. I always have hair suicide thoughts when that happens (cutting it all off) All I keep thinking was, why didn't I call my consultant earlier? Why didn't I call in 2000 when I first heard about Sisterlocks? Why did it take me so long? I have less than a month to wait now. I am going on December 17th and it won't come early enough. I want to color my hair before I go. I loved the #4 color that my hair used to be when I had a perm. Now my hair is a real dull dark brown and its so boring. I never dyed/colored my hair before. I dont know what to do. I don't want to be a shocker when I come back to school. I teach middle school, they are already going to ask a million and one questions about the sisterlocks, I don't want to have a new hair color too. If I do color it, I need to do it soon. I am also worried about the coloring damaging my hair. So many thoughts= no decisions What do you suggest? If you suggest color, please recommend one. I had to add this picture of me being silly about shrinkage.... hey, who says you can't have fun on a hair date?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Marley Moo!

I love you baby! Marley (Yorkie mixed with Brussels Griffon) came into my life in December 2006. He was born November 18th. He is very spoiled and sometimes well most of the time stubborn. We get along fine but he gets very jealous when Patrick is around.

A Hand Clap to Shrinkage!

I know that I previously BOOed shrinkage but today I am soul-clapping shrinkage! After sweating and partying with friends last night, my hair shrunk up as tight as it could while I was sleeping. I almost screamed when I saw my hair in the mirror this morning! The only thing hanging were my beautiful test locks! So this tell me that even though I will experience shrinkage, with Sisterlocks the shrinkage is not that bad! So goodbye virgin hair shrinkage and hello to Sisterlock Shrinkage!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

BOOOO to Shrinkage

Today, on the LIU Group, everyone was talking about shrinkage and when will it stop with sisterlocks. I looked in the mirror tonight and as I played once again with my test locks, I knew that I will have the horrible spell of shrinkage. However, it really didn't come as a surprise because my hair has always appeared to be shorter to people than the length really is. So as I read SL'd sistas say that they have been locked for at least a year and they wondered when the shrinkage will stop, I automatically knew that in a year's time, I will be asking that same burning question. So I expect it and for now on ladies let's consider this evil "shrinkage" as a rite of passage for beautiful sisterlocks.

The 1st pics, I just pulled out the test locs and let them naturally hang. I had to use my hand for the contrast, hoping for better definition of the locks. The last pic shows how long the same locs could be if I didn't have shrinkage to stand in the way. -And the odd thing is, I haven't wash my hair since the test locs were installed. I guess the shrinks come out at night...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Naturally Me!

I am so glad that I have finally had the time to blog my Sisterlock Journey before it has started. I am currently awaiting a digital camera to catch better pics to post. I have started the intial step... I got my test locks. YAY I can not stop playing with them. Anyway, here are some photos of me since I left the perms in 1998. I had to stop the perms because I was going bald on the sides. Ladies, I know you know at least two or more black women who are balding on the sides (hairline) right now. Then to top it off, I was a broke college student so friends and roommates where putting boxed perms in for me to save money and my hair just went down hill from there. I HAD TO CHANGE... and I'm glad that I did. I have became more confident about myself and who I was as a person. It also helps in relationships too. If a man can be with you on a date between your press and curl appointments... he's a keeper :) I left the press and curls alone too.