Monday, February 22, 2010

Playing around!

Well I got this idea to add some color to my hair from all the music videos and the hundreds of women in Memphis. Lol! I wanted to find some kinky hair that was colored purple- my fav color next to black. The plan was to sisterlock the track and then glue it in ;)... Ok ok I was bored and the idea just popped up. I'm still too chicken to touch my own hair with bleach n color so that's when the weave thing came up. The weave was too str8 and after back combing and installing 5 sisterlocks, I got lazy and just really wanted to see the results. I Bobbie-pinned in the row of weave and took sum photos. The bf didn't like it. But I just know it will be super cute once I find some purple "marley" type hair and sisterlock the whole track. I'm looking forward to wearing this style in the summer. Here are some pilot or concept pictures!


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