Friday, April 10, 2009


my first professional photo with cant see them...

My baby Niece

Happy in Atlanta

THE OLD ME..... I had a gap..but at least I could smile pretty, eat whatever, and talk without spitting everywhere without my lip getting stuck over my braces.....

OK so what do I do the year that I will turn 30??? Get braces. The day after, I cried hating myself for ever taking on this leach. I can't eat because my over-bite is so bad...none of my teeth are touching except two in the back. I cant even eat salads. I had to cough up the money and bought a juicer. I like it and believe it or not, I am getting full off of juice all day. I can manage to eat smashed up green beans and potatoes of course. I also bought a Waterpic and I am attached to it. I don't know how anyone is not NOT using it... no more flossing ever... Here are the embarrassing photos of my teeth... and just like my hair posts, I can look at these pics three years from now and say, "I remember when...." There is also a not so embarrassing one of my pretty neice, M. and of course the love of my life in Atlanta