Saturday, January 3, 2009

new do

I wanted a new look for the new year and school is about to start Monday. I want some curls! But I also wanted length. I usually use locloops but it always made my hair too tight. I like the softness about them and I will definitely use them when I get some serious hang time! I asked my friend that has very very long locs what type of rollers does she use and she recommend that I buy the purple rods. When I got to the store that were twosizes and my common sense told me to grab the longer ones. I also grabbed some Lottabody (don't tell anyone) I mixed 20% of lottabody with distilled water. I washed my hair too but it dries so fast that I had to re-wet with the spray bottle just to roll it up. My hair didn't even need washing. Next time I won't wash it unless it needs it of course!
Here is the side view. I am just noticing the lock in the front I left out... No wonder it looks funny now... I left the back out for length. It was like the last five rows because my last three rows are a mess. ( see my label bantu knots ) My hair broke off real bad before SL so I like to spoil them to promote growth. I let them freestyle as much as possible.

The verdict. It has been about three days when this pic was taken. I was on the go to see BF for new year's eve celebration.I took the rollers out on the highway of the three hour trip. I only let my hair air dry for about 11 hours. I wished I had a hair dryer. I think it will last longer.

Another shot in robe and rollers. lol

I tried to take a pic showing how the str8 locs I didn't curl added a lil fullness to the back area. It blends in nicely.

I am happy about these curls. They are the perfect length and size! This pic was taken 4 days later. I do not roll my hair up at night. I bought a satin pillow case. I fall asleep. That's all I do to my hair at night. I think I will finger comb my hair today....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I hope that everyone will have a great new year! Use this year to change something that has been on your mind to change for quite some time now but somethings always end to either get in your way or you have an excuse for your own self. Last year I texted all my friends... be str8 in 08. This year its - save a dime in 09! We need to be more frugal in 09 and store away some money somewhere. You don't have to be rich to save. I can't ever seem to save any money in my saving account because I can see and if I click on my online banking account, I can move it into my checking and touch it! I do I have a 401k with my job and a 403b account. This money is not readily available and it is helping me to save. I will also try to save some net earnings as well. I have been dreaming of driving away in a MINI Cooper S Convertible since they came out in 2005. I want one very badly but finances seem to always get in the way of things. With sticker prices starting at 31,000+, I'm not sure if I can afford it with new car insurance. I am currently driving a 99 Daewoo Lanos. (Remember those??) I think I'm the only one in Memphis with one. But when they werenew on the scene I ust had to have one. I admit it was a great car for me while I was in college but now I am in love with the MINI since the first moment I've laid eyes on him. And then there's the wedding that my boyfriend wants (May 2010) We will have to pay for everything ourselves and I don't plan on touching my savings for it. So theres the car and wedding... Which will come first? Who knows... all I know that I can't afford any of it now. The question is will my finances get worse or better in 2009??? So we have both committed to save a dime ( alot of dimes) in 2009!
Then theres the big W word- WEIGHT! I hate my size. I also hate the fact that I think about weight all day even in my dreams. I can't even eat without feeling guilty. I am trying to purchase a Nordictrack treadmill that features the iFit exercises. It will be about 800 after taxes. Hopefully I will lose about 25 pounds this year. I miss Bikram Yoga classes. It was costing 150 a month. Its hard living on your own, paying for everything, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I wish that I could have both but I chose the treadmill because it will be home and I can use it whenever I wanted to.
So here are my new years goals....... Save a dime in 09
1. save for car
2. save for wedding
3. invest in a treadmill
4. Lose 25 lbs
5. Get 4 new Sisterlock clients this year
Simple goals huh? Wish me luck!
I am still not eating meat. I want to be vegan so bad but this girl loves some cheese! No matter what soy product I've tried nothing compares to real cheese especially pepper jack!
Oh and happy new year to my friends...... I am sorry for not making time to hang out with you guys as much as we used to. I love you all! You know who you are!
My parents- You guys are the best and I love that I am your daughter. Big hand clap to my mom for leaving the perms alone. Her hair is very thick and healthy now.
To my brothers- Continue to strive to be great fathers, your children are my light of the day!
and to my Anan- I love you more every day and I am truly blessed that the Most High sent you my way....may our love grow sweeter in 2009..... ( 4 years in April... u ready?)