Monday, June 23, 2008

Black Tee, Hair, and Me!

I thought about using a visual measurement of my hair growth and my weight loss. I agreed to the 5o million pound challenge ( and I am still going strong (one month) on my vegan lifestyle. I want to lose 35lbs. I am borderline normal. I am only 6 lbs away from being overweight.(BMI) I admit it is very hard in my busy life to eat as a vegan ( no milk, egg, animal products) so I see myself just being vegetarian ( I miss cheese!) especially when school starts back. I will stay vegan as long as I can. I feel better and not sleepy after every meal. I have always loved fresh veggies and every fruit the Most High made! This book really helped me alot. is crazy funny! It's like talking with friends. It is real talk! Okay back to the point. Starting today each day on the 23rd I will take the exact same photo in the same shirt. I will label it BTHM. I am hoping that I can see the difference in my weight loss each month and my beautiful hair!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gas is High!

I haven't told you anything new! I'm still waiting on the Mini but until then I had to break out the Honda Scooter! It only costs me 4.25 for a full tank and I can go on that tank for 80 miles! It pays ladies to work and shop where you live. Beep Beep!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy 6 month Loc-iversary

Just shampooed my hair. Haven't form balls yet. I have about 20 balls out of all of the locks.

At home trying the "loc loops" or is it loop locs?
Completed set. My friend bought me a bag of 30 and I needed about 10 more. Luckily, I find a couple of perm rods from the perm days in a bottom drawer.
The back view after drying overnight. Couldn't tell the difference from where the loops where and the perm rods. So If you have perm rods they will work just as well but they won't be so great to sleep on. BTW Please excuse my kitchen counter...I can never keep that thing clean!

Yay! It's been six months and I've enjoyed everyday! My friend bought me some Loc Loops so I decided to give them a try since I wanted to give them a dry run before next Saturday (Brother's Wedding). I want to say thanks to all of you and Idol (AudreysPleasure) for your encouraging comments/ suggestions. I hope that maybe someday my Blog will be a resource to someone and my pics will encourage them to cross the line into the Sisterlock Sisterhood just as others blogs have help me. I love you guys and someday I will come across you at an event. Oh I can't forget Blenna my head doctor! (I did this in purple for you ;) Thanks so much for your professionalism and your great hands. You can rest assure that even if I do become a consultant, I am NOT a DIY kinda girl. I will be in your chair for life!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Cheer Camp

Sorry couldn't turn this pic around.

Sorry I made everyone wait and wait on my pics but I have updated March, April, and May. I finally got the hang of my digital camera software. Anyway Blenna has been sooo busy this month, I guess. I can't get my re-tight until the 27th of June. I am so used to getting it done around the 15th of each month. I guess it is still good because my brother's wedding is on the 28th so my hair will look "fresh" for the photos. Here are some pics of me taken by a sneaky cheerleader on my squad during cheer camp.