Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy 30th 2 Me!

What a ball! I had so much fun enjoying life and everything about it this whole week. My heart is just so full of love! I am so lucky to have a family like mine... A mother who cares about me so much she doesn't care if feelings will get hurt,,she's going to tell you whats on her mind. It took me a looong time to understand that! A father that truly loves his baby girl and would walk to the ends of the earth with me if I needed him. Two loving brothers that I adore and who adores me back. 3 BEAUTIFUL NIECES AND THE ONE AND ONLY Handsome Nephew.... I love you guys you always make TT happy and make me smile. I am also lucky to have two beautiful sisters in love ( E and T )that are strong women. I truly care about them and my brothers are lucky to have them. Even though I am grown I am lucky to have a God-mother that has been there for me from birth remembering each birthday and always there for any event in my life. I love you so much God-Mother E. I am so lucky to have friends...true friends that have been with me thru thick and thin. You guys are the best and you definitely know who you are! I am also thankful for my fellow bloggies and sisterlock wearers who have made that commitment to show your natural beauty and are beautifully rockin that natural hair style. Whether you are rocking an afro, locks, twists, etc. You guys made it easier for me to wear my natural hair and I am truly thankful for that! I hope that the next thirty years of my life will be filled with the same love, joy and peace as my first thirty.