Monday, November 15, 2010

For Colored Girls Wkend

Watch out there now! My locks are getting longer and more lock- looking... If u know what I mean. Still in love with my hair after 2.11 years! Refer to the locLoops tag and check out the earrings! My hair is almost past them!

During the opening weekend of For Colored Girls..... I went to a mother daughter bday brunch honoring a neighbor. We all wore hats ( which I had to borrow b/c I'm not a church hat owning kinda girl.... I had fun. Then afterwards we went to see the awesome movie.... Dinner.... Then drinks! What a good weekend spent with beautiful, strong, empowering black women.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Tried FushiaStorm Double Bun!

This was fun! I gotta a lot of compliments all day long! This was the only way I could put my hair in a bun by using the bandana method. Click on Fushia's site on the right under my Sisterlock Family. I tweaked it a little. I held my head down and tied the bandana on my head to make a ponytail. The ponytail holder techinque didn't work for me. Then I followed everything else like her blog said. I will definitely use this style again! Oh and I had to tie a headwrap on cuz my locks in the front are shorter and the fly aways drive me crazy! Enjoy!


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Updating blog!

Hi girlies! I still can't figure out where my SL bloggers went... ;( I will still update my blog. So much has been going on. My ex-husband passed away from a car accident. I was very sad about it but was at peace because our last words to each other was in October when he called me for my 30th bday. They were friendly and pleasant and i got a chance to tell him that I forgave him. BF was very supportive and by my side. This incident showed me that he is truly on my team and is the one for me. We havent been together 5.5 years for nothing! My Sls are still the same to me... Nothing changed but my ponytails are starting to look 10 x better! I am also losing weight... A lot of it. I started on 8-9-10 weighing 181lbs! As of today 9-16-10, I weigh 164! My secret weapon is Medifast and just a Lil exercise. I try and walk about 30 times/ 3 days a week. My goal weight is 135. So I got about 30lbs to lose. Medifast is kinda expensive but only bc I have to pay a lump sum for 40 days. I will continue this until January. We will see what happens... Here are some pics until next time!

RIP Alejandro Perez
( I was 135 in this picture and a permie...)

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo update

These photos were taken between May and July 2010 (2 year/ 5 months thru 2 year/ 7 months). Enjoy!

Teeth are getting straighten...

Purple lock down....

Braid out...

That's all for now! Still loving my sisterlocks! Follow me @ sislockedbeauty (Twitter) and on facebook @

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Madness

Well ladies it's that time of the year! Shout
out to all the Memphis Tigers fans!!!! just wanted to keep
my blog going and post some pictures of the hur! I was a hostess at a friend's wedding-

taking pics of my new braidout-

and me spoiling Marley after an unwanted bath session.

Simply, naturallly me!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Playing around!

Well I got this idea to add some color to my hair from all the music videos and the hundreds of women in Memphis. Lol! I wanted to find some kinky hair that was colored purple- my fav color next to black. The plan was to sisterlock the track and then glue it in ;)... Ok ok I was bored and the idea just popped up. I'm still too chicken to touch my own hair with bleach n color so that's when the weave thing came up. The weave was too str8 and after back combing and installing 5 sisterlocks, I got lazy and just really wanted to see the results. I Bobbie-pinned in the row of weave and took sum photos. The bf didn't like it. But I just know it will be super cute once I find some purple "marley" type hair and sisterlock the whole track. I'm looking forward to wearing this style in the summer. Here are some pilot or concept pictures!


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